Welcome To Pragna Metal Label Mfg. Co.

PRAGNA METAL LABEL MFG. CO. is leading manufacturer of all weatherprrof Metal Labels, Stickers, Tags, Pvc, Propholyte, Acrylic, Paper, Polycorbonate, Wooden, Glass, Rubber in Anodised, Anoeched, Etching , Oven bake, Brass Stainless Steel Labels, Stickers, Name Plates for all sectors in India and abroad specially for Motor, Transformer, Switchgear, Scales, Pumps, Control Panels, Meter/ Dials, Trophies, Memontoes etc.

PRAGNA METAL LABEL with its All complete and grand modern in-house production and Skills for designing, Drawing Lab & photography, plate making, die making, anodizing, etching, metal finishing, etching, embossing, cutting, dyeing, printing, stamping and fabricating and placed in centrally located position in heart of mumbai, meet the exacting requirements of small and big industries both in Public and Private sectors.

PRAGNA METAL's products are different in finishes, supplied under our Trade Names - Labels, Stickers, Tags, Nameplates in Anodised, Anoalic, Anowhite, Anoquick fast, Anorite, Anoetch, Velvet, Brush, Embossing, Cutting, etc., to meet specific requirements.

PRAGNA METAL - Giving best Services to Industry since 1954 - 2017 are "ALWAYS ON TOP WITH THE NEWEST TECHNOLOGY AND PLANTS IN ALL TYPE OF METAL LABELS & STICKERS" and promise to maintain lead with new techniques and products for future requirements of all industry sectors.